As temperatures dropped space at the Community Kitchen filled up quick. 

Chattanooga's Rescue Mission and Salvation Army stepped up by opening their doors to help. 

"We're hoping that taking 50 people will help relieve the Community Kitchen so they can take 50 or 80 more than they would normally be able to," Salvation Army Lt. Ken Griffey said. 

Within 30 minutes of opening, Griffey says the Salvation Army reached their max capacity of 50 people. But without donations and help from volunteers like Dawn Dunn, the operation wouldn't be able to go on. 

"I'm making sure the coffee is brewing the whole time, the hot coco and it's different flavors are available and washing the dishes," Dunn added. 

Fredrick Holland understands what it's like not to have a place to go on a cold night like this. He used to be homeless and now volunteers his time to help others. 

"When they come in, they're looking for someone to talk to. They're looking for love and someone who cares for them besides God. He works through us," Holland said. 

Helping those who need is most and warming hearts along the way.