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Multiple wrecks on I-75, Sheriff questions GDOT's preparedness

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Drivers along I-75 Wednesday morning saw firsthand icy and dangerous road conditions along the overpasses and bridges.

There were more than a dozen crashes in the stretch of interstate from the Georgia state line to the Cloud Springs Road exit and the Catoosa County Sheriff wonders if some of them could have been avoided, if more attention was give to the roads overnight.

"Every overpass up there had been frozen," said Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk, "It started out with our rush hour traffic and it just got worse from there."

Traffic was slow and at some points, stopped, as drivers tried to avoid the dangerous road conditions on I-75 Wednesday morning in Catoosa County.

"This morning we had multiple wrecks northbound and southbound due to the icy conditions on the bridges," said Trooper Brian Dedmon.

By the time Channel 3 caught up with Trooper Dedmon, he was already working his fifth crash on that stretch of interstate.

"It was two tractor trailers, icy conditions on the bridge, he couldn't get stopped and crashed into each other," Trooper Dedmon said.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is responsible for pre-treating and treating the interstate.

Channel 3 crews spotted salt trucks on the roads by 10 a.m. Wednesday, but Sheriff Sisk wonders if more preparations could have been done to avoid so many wrecks.

"It didn't look like any brine had been on the road," Sisk said, "They didn't even brine the interstate or anything, so we're going to have a talk with GDOT and see."

A spokesperson for GDOT says crews brined the interstate Tuesday night, but did not have a record of what time.

The next morning, a GDOT salt truck was involved in a crash responding to icy conditions on that same stretch of road.

"Unfortunately I think one vehicle they brought out there actually wrecked while it was trying to resolve the issue," Sisk said, "So maybe they got to see first hand that it should have been taken care of."

GDOT says that earlier crash involving a salt truck was minor, with no injuries, and a good example that even the most experienced drivers have trouble driving safely in dangerous road

Sheriff Sisk tells us his department is going to meet with GDOT to talk about the number of accidents Wednesday morning, and to see if anything could have been done differently to prevent so much ice on the I-75 overpasses.

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