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Freezing rain makes for slippery morning commute

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Tennessee Department of Transportation crews were out early Wednesday morning. Freezing rain started around 5AM, making a very messy morning commute for drivers. Ice coated the roads, creating a slushy mess in Monteagle.

Wintry conditions made driving almost impossible, making it a very slippery morning for drivers.

“Definitely cold, definitely cold. All the precipitation is making it hard to work. The traffic is pretty slow,” said Eric Woodside.

“We've been out there trying to salt the parking lot because cars are coming in and spinning. I have fallen three times,” said Katelyn Edwards.

Even with TDOT pre-treating the roads, some still had patches of ice.

“Layer and layers of ice. People are burning out the cars and just wiping out,” said Sue Jerke.

Getting around town was downright dangerous. Local law enforcement spent the day responding to crashes across Grundy County.

“Our back roads are solid ice. Not moveable. Just tried to work a wreck on Laurel Lake and we couldn't get down there,” said Police Chief Virgil McNeece.

Neighbors who weathered the storm have some advice for others; “stay home, stay home, stay home! Stay off the roads; stay at a hotel; do not come here,” said Jerke.

“If you are in a wreck, if your battery dies, there is a danger of freezing to death, I would stay home if I could,” said the chief.

TDOT says they will have crews out all night salting the roads.

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