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What goes into the decision to close schools due to weather?

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Winter weather brings potential danger.

“Around noon we would be getting one to two inches of possible accumulation with potential of slushy roads,” said Martin Ringstaff, Superintendent, Cleveland City Schools.

To make sure students are safe Cleveland City School officials meet with emergency services to decide if they should cancel classes.

“We met with emergency services at 2pm. Bradley County Schools and all the emergency services were in the room together, and we listened to the weather for tomorrow and we felt the weather was coming in mid-day,” said Ringstaff.

Hamilton County turns to a number of sources.

“Like today we will be looking at what the weathermen say. We will also be looking at what the national weather service says,” said Ben Coulter, Hamilton County Schools. 

Two years ago Cleveland city learned the hard way. School was in session when nasty weather hit.

“We are a little bit more cautious. Not that we weren't cautious that day. But that day sort of surprised us. This time we know its coming. We don't want to be surprised,” said Ringstaff.

The school system has 5,300 students .They say students' safety is important.

“Don't want to get the kids here and get them stuck here. And then we are scrambling to try to get them home,” said Ringstaff.

Hamilton County agrees. They serve over 40,000 students.

“It’s not good to have kids out there standing in temperatures they don't need to be in. Plus you can slip and fall. That’s a hazard for students and teachers,” said Coulter.

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