Chattanooga Police officers were making their rounds across the city on Monday to check on elderly residents before any snow hits the ground.

"We go in and check to make sure everything's safe, just try to help them with anything we can," said Capt. Brian Cotter, who heads up CPD's "OASIS" program. It helps elderly folks in communities across the city, year-round.

Officers in the East Lake area regularly check on about 20 widows who have no family nearby to help.

Cotter said many of these residents call police for a small household chore. So officers decided to make weekly and monthly stops part of their routine.

"Somebody that's just lonely and doesn't know where to turn will call the police every day," Cotter said. "But if we're coming by once a week, visiting and working out any problems they have, they're not calling us."

The American Red Cross says you should check on your neighbors now -- well before the snow moves in.

"Reach out to your elderly family members or those that might have some disabilities to see if they have any needs, so you can take care of those before inclement weather becomes an issue," said Julia Wright, executive director.

Wright explained many elderly people won't ask for help, even if they really need it.

"If you know someone that might need your help, reach out to them," she said. "Don't wait for them to call you."