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Palmer park playground equipment burned to the ground

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A favorite playground pirate ship in a local park was set on fire and burned to the ground. The loss has some people upset and others downright angry.

The public park is located in the city of Palmer in Grundy County.
The mayor says the wooden pirate ship playground equipment was purchased through donations and took a lot of effort by the community to get.

"We secured this through a donation and it's very upsetting when you learn that somebody went to the level of burning a child's playground equipment," said Mayor Daniel Crabtree.

Fire crews and police were called to the park Monday night, the only city park in Palmer, after hearing that a piece of playground equipment was set on fire.

The Sheriff says it was arson, and he's going to find the person who did it.

"Somebody took a tire with some type of accelerate, rolled it into the this piece of playground equipment and burned it to the ground," said Sheriff Clint Shrum.

The Grundy County Sheriff says it's clear this was no accident, and it's also not a joke. The only reason the city of Palmer had this pirate playground equipment is because of donated money last summer, and the kids loved it.

"We've only had it for less than a year, the kids have really seemed to enjoy it," Crabtree said, "We're very limited to what we have to do in our community so when we lose something like this it's very important."

Crabtree says this will be hard to replace with a city budget that runs mostly on donations and grants, but he says it's important to let the community know this happened.

"I guess if nothing else the person responsible for this ought to be ashamed," Crabtree said.

Sheriff Shrum agrees, "It's appalling, disgusting, heartbreaking, this is for children and for someone to do this is absolutely despicable."

The Sheriff says his department is investigating, and is prepared to take this case to the District Attorney.

"Somebody is going to tell on you. And we're going to prosecute you. Guarantee that," Shrum said.

The Sheriff says his department found a glove that was left behind and they will be testing it for more evidence.

Mayor Crabtree says he's already receiving messages from people offering to help raise donations and money for supplies to rebuild this piece of the playground.

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