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A bone -jarring cold start to the week.

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Good Monday and a happy MLK Day.  We will stay cold all day with sunshine this afternoon and highs only reaching the upper 20s and low 30s.  We will also be breezy this afternoon with northwest winds at 10-15 mph.  If heading to the parade today at 3, it will be about 31 and a little breezy in Chattanooga at the start.

If you didn't wrap the water pipes last night, tonight you will want to.  North winds will continue to cause temps to plummet, dropping well into the 10s by Tuesday morning.  In Chattanooga we will drop to 17.  In the mountains we will get all the way down to about 10.  By Tuesday morning, many folks will have gone about 36 hours with temps below freezing.  If using the space heaters, PLEASE use caution and stay safe.

It will be cold all day Tuesday as well with sunshine and a high of 35.  The average high is 50, by the way.

Wednesday we have a front moving in.  We will start with a low of 23, and may see some light snow showers Wednesday morning.  By the afternoon, we will have a high of 42 and see light rain showers transitioning in.

Thursday we will be above freezing all day with a low of 33 and a high of 45.  I expect a low to move by to our south and bring in rain showers through the afternoon and into the day Friday.  Temps will be in the 40s all day Friday, but as the low moves north, much colder air will move in Friday evening.  That may transition some of the rain showers into light Friday night snow showers.

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8am... Sunny, 20

Noon... Sunny/Breezy, 28

3pm... Sunny/Breezy, 31

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