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Chattanoogans lend a helping hand to Flint, MI residents

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When Olivet Baptist Church heard about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan they asked: "How can we help?"

“They said to gather water. Ask congregations, members to bring water to the church. Spring water!” said Kevin Adams, Pastor, Olivet Baptist Church. 

Since Wednesday the church has collected several cases of bottled water.

“People have just been wonderful in dropping off so much water and just financial donations,” said Adams.

It’s not only members of Olivet stepping up to help, other churches have as well.

“Chattanooga Strong! People here are very service oriented,” said Adams. 

Friday the H20 will be loaded on a truck, and taken 650 miles by truck to flint. 

It will be delivered to a local church.

From there the church will deliver the water to residents whose water is contaminated with lead.

Pastor Adams says when tragedy strikes the church wants to be there to help. 

“It’s possible for a tragedy or traumatic situations to pop up anywhere,” said Adams. 

The truck leaves Friday morning. 

It will stop in Nashville  to pick up more water at an area church before heading to flint.

To donate call 423-266-8709.

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