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After seven weeks on the run; dog is finally reunited with Nashville family

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If you have ever lost a pet you know the heartbreak and stress that comes along with searching for your missing 4 legged companion. A family traveling from Nashville to Columbia, South Carolina was involved in an accident on their way to spend Thanksgiving with family. The kids had to escape from the SUV and the frightened dog ran away. Now Izzy is safe at home after two months on the run.

With the help of one local neighborhood a family is whole once again. When a North Georgia community heard about the missing pet, they did everything they could to reunite the dog with her family.  

A very sweet and long overdue reunion for Izzy and her mom, back together after seven long weeks. Volunteers in North Georgia kept close watch on Izzy. They shared her picture on Facebook and around town, hoping to bring her home. When a dog appeared on one man's hunting camera he knew he recognized the familiar face.

“I noticed it started coming around on the cameras. I started feeding it, and it kept showing up every night,” said one man, credited for the safe return of the dog. They set up a trap to catch the terrier mix. Volunteers started putting out food.

“We started spotting her at regular times, that gives us a chance to find it when is the best time to trap her,” said Maryann Davis, a District Leader Volunteer with the Humane Society.

After two long months they caught on to what would catch Izzy. “I baited her with gravy and steak and some bread. She couldn't resist that, that's when we got her!” said the man.

Friday, the plan worked. “She was trapped, taken to someone's home, left in the trap; we don't want her to escape again. Amanda, her owner, got her the next morning,” said Davis.

Izzy and her family reunited after two long months. Mom receiving many slobbery kisses. “Izzy, she was really happy to see her mom, very happy. I am glad she is back home,” said the man.

“It takes a while for them to realize they are safe. When Izzy did, she knew it and just kind of went... ‘ahh’,” said Davis.

Izzy’s owner said Izzy has been groomed and checked out by a vet. The family plans to return to Wildwood to thank everyone who brought Izzy back home. She hasn't left her owners side since the reunion.

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