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Ooltewah Assault

Hamilton Co. schools introduce "Quick Tip" to report bullying, hazing

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It took eight years. But now, Hamilton County schools meet state law requirements in anonymously reporting abuse. 

District leaders created the online tool in light of the Ooltewah rape case and introduced it during Thursday night's meeting. 

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It's called "Quick Tip" and is only available online. 

Students can report a variety of abuse and include pictures or video without leaving their name. 

Nicholas Wilkins is a student organizer with Unifi-ED and a senior at Ooltewah High School. He says the system is a step in the right direction, but still has a lot of questions.

"When I as a student report an incident, what happens next; how can I make sure that happens and how can I hold my principal or the school board accountable for making sure those things do happen," asks Wilkins.

Superintendent Rick Smith says the reports go directly to assistant superintendent Lee McDade and the school's principal.

Unifi-ED Executive Director Elizabeth Crews believes more transparency can help with consistency from school to school.

"It doesn't just get reported and then go away or not get investigated," Crews says. "I think that it's important that we know what those steps are." 

Wilkins echos a point school board members highlighted earlier this week: a phone number is also needed for students who don't always have access to the Internet.

"What are students going to do when they don't have internet access," Crews asks. "Are we going to have an option for students who don't have Internet at home, or can't access it at school all the time?"

Not only does the system give students a way to report abuse, but, it also gives leaders a way to see data like never before.

"So we can see when a single school has more incidents, or when a group in a school sees more incidents and increase efforts to prevent those things," says Wilkins.

To learn more about "Quick Tip" or submit a tip of your own, click here.

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