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Accused jewelry thief Abby Kemp denied bond; jewelry not found

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The accused serial jewelry store robber attended a detention hearing in federal court Thursday.

Abigail Kemp, the Cobb County woman accused of carrying out violent jewelry store robberies in several states, stood before Federal Magistrate Judge Linda. T. Walker who denied her bond. Judge Walker calls her a danger to the community and labeled her a flight risk.

Kemp's lawyers said she's not a flight risk since her family lives in Cobb County and said they wanted her out on bond so that she could look to her family for guidance.

The feds also said the stolen jewelry has not been recovered.

In fact, Kemp took a trip to the Dominican Republic less than two weeks after she allegedly committed her first robbery.

Kemp has several arrests on her record dating back to 2009. They include possession of marijuana, underage drinking and DUI.

The judge also took issue with Kemp's Twitter handle, @A_kemp47. Lawyers said that's a playful nickname from high school based on her initials and her basketball team. Judge Walker said considering the seriousness of the allegations, she's not so sure. That account appears to have been deleted.

Kemp is also likely to face identical charges in five federal districts. She's facing some serious time in prison.

Kemp made her first court appearance on Monday Jan.11 after her arrest on Friday.

During the robberies she's accused of, Kemp allegedly had an accomplice. Lewis Jones was arrested Tuesday in connection with another series of violent crimes that happened in 2014. Jones has only been charged in one of the bank robberies but law enforcement sources told 11Alive News they are now re-visiting those cases.They said there is no indication Abby Kemp was involved in any of them.

The FBI said they used cell tower information to track down the two because in the robberies, the suspects were seen using a cell phone. That's the mistake the FBI said led them straight to Kemp.

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