Lynda Holloway, Patient says "You're out of control, you don't know what to do."
Lynda Holloway is one of more than 29 million people across the country diagnosed with diabetes.   

Lilly Tryon, Nurse Practitioner says "We target an under served population our patients have often gone a long time without health care, they don't have the resources to manage their diabetes so they come to us with a greater number of problems."  

That was the case for Lynda, not having health insurance, and falling through the cracks.  She hadn't been to a doctor in a number of years, but with her diabetes getting worse, she knew she needed medical help.

So she turned to Volunteers In Medicine.  A volunteer clinic that helps those who can't afford medical care.  They not only put Lynda on medication, but she also enrolled in their Reversing Diabetes Program.

Lilly Tryon says "We want to be able to help our patients to be able to know and understand what type of lifestyle changes there need to do so we can give them some control."

Patients like Lynda meet for a 4-6 week class.   Learning the basics from healthy eating, to lifestyle changes, and being active.

Lilly Tryon says "So many of our patients don't cook, or know how to cook, when they go to the grocery store what foods are the best foods to choose."

Lynda Holloway says  "It teaches you how to go to the grocery store, what you need to pick out."

Foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, and lean protein.

Lynda knows what could happen if she doesn't make diet and lifestyle changes.

Lilly Tryon says "So you are going to be developing conditions like high blood pressure and stroke and kidney disease, blindness, amputations, and many things."

Lynda definitely wants to prevent that from happening, and just as importantly she wants to be there for her family.

Lynda Holloway says "I want to be here for these children and grandchildren."