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RECALL: Children's cough medicine with mis-marked dosage cups

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A pharmaceutical company issued a voluntary recall of several brands of children's cough and cold medicine.

Perrigo Company is recalling two batches of children's gauifenesin grape liquid and three batches of children's guaifenesin DM cherry liquid. 

They are both sold in 4 oz. bottles by several brands.

According to a release, the recall was initiated after it was found the dosage cups included with the products had incorrect markings.

"Use of these products according to labeled instructions with an affected dosing cup is unlikely to result in serious side effects, and no reports related to overdose have been received to date. Consumers should be aware that an overdose of Guaifenesin DM may cause hyper excitability, rapid eye movements, changes in muscle reflexes, ataxia, dystonia, hallucinations, stupor, and coma. Other effects have included nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, irregular heartbeat, seizures, respiratory depression, and death."

The over-the-counter products are used for treating coughs and colds, and are sold nationwide under brands including Kroger, CVS, Dollar General and Rite-Aid.

The full list of brands:


  • H.E.B and CVS brand


  • Sunmark
  • Rite-Aid
  • Topcare
  • Kroger
  • GoodSense
  • Dollar General
  • Care One
  • CVS

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