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Couple accused of stealing chainsaw hidden in baby carrier

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Police in Fort Oglethorpe are asking for the public's help in identifying a couple of suspects in a theft at Walmart.  Officials said the two walked into the garden center on Saturday, removed a chainsaw from its box, and took it out of the store. But the way they got the item out of Walmart has detectives scratching their heads.

The couple used a baby carrier, covered in a baby blanket, in a shopping cart to hide a chainsaw they stole from the store on January 6 around 5:00am, according to FOPD Lt. Steve Blevins at the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department.

Police also say that the chainsaw has a serial number, so it can be tracked if it's sold.

Cameras were rolling early Saturday morning when they walked into the garden center at the Fort Oglethorpe Walmart with a baby carrier. It was what they left with inside the carrier that caught law enforcement's attention. “A male is seen selecting a chainsaw from the shelf. They move into an area of the garden center where they believe is not being shot on video and remove the saw and place it in a diaper bag, cover it up like a child, and go out the door with it,” said Lieutenant Steve Blevins.

The couple can be seen covering the carrier with a blanket to keep the baby warm. Police say it's a shocking strategy. “Shocks the public in the way children items were used in order to complete a theft.”

Lieutenant Steve Blevins does not believe this case will change the way parents are welcomed inside Walmart stores, but he says loss prevention employees are keeping a closer watch.
“Walmart and Kmart are very diligent with shoplifters. They're minds are open; they see a lot of things that the general public wouldn't pick up. When they see something or a way they act, things like that work out for them.”

Blevins is hoping someone will recognize the pair, in these clear surveillance pictures. “It is strange, people realize video is going on in these places due to the amount of theft and they continue to go back to these places where we'll have good photos of the suspects.”

Anyone with information about these subjects is asked to contact Lieutenant Steve Blevins with the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department at (706)866-2512.

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