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Thousands test their luck at the Powerball

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UPDATE: There was not a Powerball Jackpot winner in any state, which led the Jackpot to rise over 1 billion dollars. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Chris Rogers manages this raceway on Signal Mountain Road. 

And he's seeing the rush. He calls it insane. 

“This is cultish!! I mean it's a different feel about it,” said Rogers.

He says the big number is enticing those who never played the Powerball before to give it a shot.

“They don't have a clue to even fill out a ticket. and we have to completely educate them from the start,” said Rogers.

Zane Grennells is one who has never played.

He decided to try his luck. He played this scratch off and won 6 dollars.

He says while he's at it, he picked up three Powerball tickets to see what happens.

“I think there is just probably just as much probability of winning a scratch off as it is a Powerball at this point ,” said Grennells.

One person in Chattanooga won a million dollars earlier this week. 

These players hope they'll be as lucky. They say it could be a start to a better life. 

“Pay off my student loans and retire early,” said Grennells.

“I would retire. I would take care of my entire family. Everybody in my immediate family can retire to,” said Taneka Jordan. 

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