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Termination impacts other Ooltewah sports

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This week Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Rick Smith canceled the rest of the season for the Ooltewah High School boys basketball team because three players are charged in the rape of a teammate during an away game. 

The season's end also impacts other sports at OHS that support the team. Those students had nothing to do with the brutal attack, but the impact of this crime reaches.  

Sit down with student Alyssa Lunsford and within minutes, you realize her attitude is contagious. She knows her inconvenience is small in comparison to what the real victim of this crime is going through.

Sorting through pictures, she says, "This is one of my favorite pictures because this is from the Halloween game. It was the first time our stunt didn't hit at a football game. It was a pyramid and I was in the middle and I was just waiting for her hand and she didn't come up," 

Starting high school is scary when you're an incoming freshman but for Lunsford, being part of the cheerleading team made the transition a little easier. 

"Throughout the summer you meet the football players and you meet the basketball players and a bunch of people and the upperclassman's friends and you come into the school and you already know so many people," she added. 

The team is made up of 15 girls who cheer for the football and boys and girls varsity basketball teams. 

"Basketball is much faster because you're switching from defense to offense quickly. It's more exciting," she said. 

But now the team can only cheer at girls' games because Superintendent Rick Smith terminated the boys' varsity season Wednesday.

Lunsford's mother, Jymea Layne, says the move as a ripple effect on other teams like the cheerleaders. 

"Where they support the team, be together. It takes away time where they can be on the court cheering, something they all love to do," Layne added. 

One thing that's not taking a hit is Lunsford's school spirit. 

"We have different names for each uniform so we know which one is which. This one is one of our favorites, we have really nice long sleeves that go under them," Lunsford said. 

She's proud to wear the Ooltewah uniform and cheer for the school she loves. 

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