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Chad Voytik transfers to Arkansas St, not Eastern KY

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UPDATE: Cleveland grad and former Pittsburgh Panther quarterback, Chad Voytik has selected his new school to attend this fall. Voytik will be attending Arkansas State according to Cleveland Daily Banter's Saralyn Norkus.

Voytik initially committed to Eastern Kentucky this offseason, but had a change of heart. 

Voytik's best season with the Panthers came in 2014, when he accumulated 2,233 yards through the air with a 16 touchdowns and seven interceptions. 

He will eligible to play immediately due to graduate transfer rules. ?

PREVIOUS STORY: Cleveland grad, University of Pittsburgh quarterback Chad Voytik will use his graduate transfer this spring. He has two things working for him, plenty of time to decide and a list of growing options.

Why transfer?

Standby for the following college head coaches Voytik played for. Todd Graham, Paul Chryst, Pat Narduzzi. Count it up, one school, three different head coaches and that's not counting the number of different offensive coordinators. Three of those with a fourth on the way.

"I wanna play my last year, with the current situation at Pitt it would have been an uphill battle to get back the starting position. For one the offense didn't fit me. We got a new OC, a lot of pocket passing, not much boot-leg or roll outs. Which is what I like. It didn't pan out the way I preferred but that's life, you roll with it and you make the most of your time there. I had a great year with my teammates, I still learned a lot. I kinda know now more of what I want out of an offense and what I can succeed in," said Voytik.

 Voytik is set to graduate this spring with high honors and a finance degree. With just two classes left, he'll have half of each week to either visit schools or travel home.

Where to?

He's been contacted by a handful of schools which include but aren't limited to Indiana, Memphis and Arkansas St.

Voytik says he'd prefer to be closer to home but it's not a deal breaker. 

With the departure of Jacob Huesman at UTC, Voytik said the Mocs are on his list, "Yes, i mean definitely. I'm not sure what their situation is, from what I've heard they want to stay in house right now and give the next guy a shot because he's worked hard and earned that. If they want to reach out to me, I'm more than willing to listen to what they have to say," said Voytik.

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