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Flooded Dade County roads finally fixed

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A portion of Nickajack Road in Dade County, Georgia is the last of several to be repaired nearly two weeks after heavy rain and flooding put a major damper on Christmas day.

"We had six roads that we consider major that were totally cut in two. We had several more roads that were damaged," says County Executive Ted Rumley. Another receiving heavy damage was Newsome Gap Road.

He adds that these roads are located all across the county. Some sections had been washed out, some just had too much water across them to navigate safely.

"We had one area in Rising Fawn that was totally marooned," adds Rumley.  "Probably twenty houses."

It presented a big challenge for other departments, too.

"That would really keep us from getting emergency services back into them on the ground," says Rumley.

Crews worked as fast as they could to open the roads. The rain left them with a $1.4 million problem. 

"In a county the size of Dade that's a tremendous amount of money," states Rumley.

It all comes from SPLOST, a one percent tax on goods and services purchased by anyone who spends money in the county. The majority goes to road repairs, but flooding ate away nearly all of that piece of the pie.  

Rumley hopes the state and/or the federal governments pitch in.  

"I think there will be about nine or 10 counties, hopefully, that will come under this," says Rumley. "Hopefully, we can get some of the money back."

He says much of the work, like on Nickajack Road, has been simply patch work and he wants to invest in long-term, permanent repairs.

"Like putting a band-aid on it. If we have another rain, another flood like we had, that whole road will go," says Rumley.

He did what was necessary for now and appreciates everyone's hard work to get it done.

"It's awful for anything like this to happen, but especially on a holiday," adds Rumley.

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