Tennessee State Representative Andy Holt sent a letter to President Obama today, titled him to "Take Your Gun Control and Shove It."

Holt, represents the 76th Legislative District that is comprised of Carroll, Obion and Weakley counties in the state's northwest corner. The letter is the latest missive in Holt's pro-gun stance. 

The federal vs. state role in legal matters is at the core of Holt's letter.

A tweet sent by Holt Monday night expressed support for the armed anti-government protesters who took over a remote national wildlife refuge in Oregon.

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The first paragraph of the letter reads:

"This week you have announced your plan to enforce unilateral, unconstitutional executive orders on gun control. Well, here in Tennessee, we aren't buying it. You should note that when Congress refuses to act, it's because the will of the people compel them to do so. That does not then give you the green light to usurp the legislative jurisdiction of Congress. Regardless, our Founding Fathers foresaw such an instance where the federal government may try to enforce laws that were unpopular with the people, whether those laws be constitutional or not, and they provided a blueprint of how to deal with such an issue."

Holt cites James Madison, saying:

"In Federalist Paper #46, Father of the United States Constitution James Madison provided this blueprint for such a situation should it arise."

The letter ended with the hashtag of #MolonLabe, believed to be a Greek expression meaning "Come and take it."