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Parent calls on superintendent in Ooltewah rape case

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In the 13 days since an Ooltewah High School basketball player was allegedly assaulted and raped while in Gatlinburg for a tournament, more parents are anxious to hear answers from those in charge. 

"This is a child. His life will never be the same," Tonya McBryar said.

McBryar says she can somewhat relate. Her son, then 14, was beaten on a Hamilton County school bus three years ago. She says he was beaten so badly, the traumatic brain injury he suffered still impacts him today.

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"He's always cautious. He think someone is going to jump him. That's what he says. He's not as sociable as he used to be. He doesn't get out like he used to unless he knows the crowd is going to be his friends or he knows who's going to be there," she added.

Superintendent Rick Smith hasn't commented or responded publicly to what happened in the Ooltewah team rape case, something many parents, including McBryar criticize, saying if school leaders want students to stand up to bullying, officials have to lead by example. 

"Stop running from the media. Go to the media and actually let us parents know and see it in his words and let us feel his compassion," she added. 

As McBryar flips through the hundreds of pages of her son's case file, she's reminded that even though her son's case is closed, the repercussions of what happened that day will never be forgotten. 

"At what point are we going to stand up and say enough is enough? Don't wait until your child is hurt," she said. 

Classmates and friends of the Ooltewah basketball player are gathering Tuesday evening at 6 at Christway Church on Mountainview Road in Ooltewah. 

If you would like to donate to the Ooltewah HS Basketball player's medical bill click here

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