Around 2:00 p.m. fire crews arrived and saw flames shooting out of a home on Colonial Shores Drive.

“So they made an interior attack, in part to fight the fire and look for anybody that may be inside,” said Bruce Garner, PIO, Chattanooga Fire Department. 

While searching, the fire spread.

“Once the fire broke out through the roof the incident commander called for the firefighters to get back out of the house for their own safety,” said Garner.

Neighbors arriving home from work, pulled up to the scene hoping everyone made it out safely.

“This is sad, just real sad. I hate to see it happen to anybody,” said Chris Templeton. 

Fire crews made contact with the homeowners, who were not home when the fire broke out.

Neighbors were there to support the two sisters who returned to find their home destroyed.

The women who lived here told Channel 3 off camera all they can do now is take it one day at a time. Their neighbors said they will be by their side. 

“There will be people who help. Clothing whatever, there is a lot of churches in this area. All of us will try to help when they have a burnout like that,” said Templeton. 

Fire crews were able to save the garage. The house was valued at $230,000. 

The homeowner has property insurance. It’s still not clear what caused the fire.