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Holiday flood damage is getting costly for residents

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Over a week after flooding took over much of the Tennessee Valley, residents in Dade County are still recovering from damage to their homes.

Betty Moon's Trenton home was partially under water. Moon has lived in the neighborhood for 10 years, and says the Christmas rain was the worst she's ever seen.

"This is the first time it's gotten that high since we've been here," she said.

Moon's family had to use a boat that was tied to a truck in their front yard to escape the flood waters.

"We had to wade all the way down the front steps to get the boat in order to get out," she explained.

Moon, her husband and their dogs used the boat to reach the end of the driveway, and tied up to the mailbox until help arrived.

Ashley Croft lives about a mile away, where flood waters made their way inside her home.

"We woke up Christmas morning to the flood," said Croft. "I  don't think any of us knew how much rain was really coming."

She spent the holiday tearing up carpet and scraping linoleum tile, and is still paying for all the repairs, which cost roughly $600 out of pocket.

"We stepped on the carpet, and it was just like, squish, squish, squish," Croft said. "We'd walk a little further, and pretty soon, (water) was from one side of the wall to the other."

Somehow, Moon's brick home didn't sustain any damage.

"We just thank God (the water) didn't get up in the house, and we thank God we've got people that care," Moon said.

Although some areas in Dade County saw more significant flooding, Sheriff Ray Cross said that no swiftwater teams had to be deployed to rescue anyone from their home.

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