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Pumps closed at Mapco gas station after water was found in fuel tank

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People who filled up their gas tank with contaminated fuel called the state inspection's office to report the problem.

The Mapco gas station on Standifer Gap Road is still open, but all of its unleaded fuel pumps have been shut down because water was found inside the fuel tank.

According to an inspection report give to Channel 3, a state inspector shut down the unleaded fuel pumps last week because water contaminated both the storage tank and fuel.
The report shows five inches of water was found at the bottom of the fuel tank, and one of the fuel samples tested was about 80 percent water.

Channel 3 called the Mapco Division Supervisor to get answers.

Keith Johnson says they're investigating how the water got into the tanks and can not confirm it was due to recent flooding.
Johnson doesn't know exactly how many vehicles were damaged by the contaminated fuel, or how long it took to turn off the pumps.

How long the pumps are shut off depends on how long it takes for the business to fix the problem. The state only allows up to one quarter of an inch of water inside a tank.
If water and fuel are pumped into a car, it can cause a lot of problems.

"If it's a severe case where there is a lot of water in the gas tank and you're pulling the gas tank out of the vehicle," said James Horne, Service Manager at Precision Tune Auto Care, "Cleaning it out thoroughly and any parts that could have been damaged in that process would need to be replaced as well."

Channel 3 has video of one truck that was damaged by fueling up at the Mapco on Standifer Gap Road.
The cost of repairs adds up to almost $1,000, which Mapco says it will pay for.
Horne says the cost to fix the vehicles depends on how much water gets into the fuel tank.

"You could go for little of nothing all the way up into a thousand dollars or more it all depends on what all has been damaged in the process," Horne said.

The inspection office says they received two complaints about the gas station, but others have shared stories on Facebook saying their vehicles were also damaged.

The business is not facing any state mandated fines or penalties, but won't be allowed to reopen the pumps until it fixes the problem.
Any impacted drivers can file a complaint here at the gas station and the company says it will pay for the cost of repairs.

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