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Hundreds expected to join gyms across Chattanooga; experts stress the importance of gym manners

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We all know the odds of keeping that New Year’s resolution are slim. In fact only about one in ten do,  25% of you will break it by this time next week. At the top of the list is losing weight and Monday is a day of hope, as gyms around Chattanooga will be more full than usual.

Whether you are a gym buff or getting back into to the routine -- for the New Year there are some simple guidelines to ensure you don't stick out like a dumbbell at the gym. Professionals at Work Out Anytime are encouraging everyone to learn the importance of having gym etiquette.

Brace yourself for a swarm of people hitting the gym beginning Monday. “Beginning of a New Year everybody will be coming in with their New Year resolution. New Year, new me,” said Director of Fitness Zack Fenderson.

If you are one of those tackling fitness New Year’s resolution instructors encourage everyone to think gym manners especially at a time when the space will be cramped with a mixture of regulars and newbies.  “A lot of new members. They may or may not have the experience as others. Respect for the other guests is going to be huge.”

Experts say the first and most important rule is respect the shared space. Regulars like James say if you don't know how to use a machine-ask.
 “One of my biggest pet peeves is when I see people who do not know how to do a machine or lift properly. There is a high danger in injuring their backs or knees,” said personal trainer James Mcleod.

 They also encourage you to always wipe down the machines; don't hog the equipment, and the most popular request. “Not re-racking the weights. That is the worst. Seeing people who don't know the proper gym form, just because injury happens all the time in the gym,” said health and wellness coach Audrye Moss.

But no matter what your new year's resolution is -- fitness experts say to stick with it. “If you don't remember why you started, you'll never continue going. Keeping that vision alive each and every day, especially on the days you don't feel like doing it.”

The gym is expecting over 400 people to sign up for a membership this month double the amount they typically see. Trainers here say the most important thing about starting a routine at a gym is -- having fun! They say the gym should always be a judge free zone.

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