Mark Wilcox would like to be putting in a job application right now. Instead he's at the community kitchen.

“I spent 21 years as a registered respiratory therapist,” said Wilcox. 

The kitchen serves hundreds like Wilcox who are down on their luck. The organization provides food, clothing, and shelter. 

“We’re pretty much doing what we do every year. Serving the homeless and the needy in the Chattanooga area,” said Tim Wood, Director of Operations.

Wilcox was employed. But when his car gave out he had no way to get to work. He eventually lost his job. He wants to get back on his feet, so he can have his own place to keep warm. 

“The key to it is the job. Once I get an income, I know what to do with that income, and then I can get a vehicle, and from there I can probably get a better job and from there I can get a place to live,” said Wilcox. 

While he waits for the next job opportunity, he says he's just thankful the kitchen is here to serve people like him who wouldn't have any place to go on one of Chattanooga’s coldest days so far this winter. 

“It’s nice you have a place you can go and get warm and get something to eat too,” said Wilcox. 

The community kitchen is always looking for donations to help people in need like Wilcox. If you would like to donate to the community kitchen visit here.