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Don't drink and drive this NYE

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People from near and far flocked to Chattanooga to ring in 2016. 

Like Jamie Halstead and her husband. They came all the way from Cherokee County, Georgia with friends to let loose and enjoy the night. They picked the Scenic City over Atlanta because of it's size. 

"It's more crowded there and scary. This is  more small town and more fun," she said. 

For many, that fun includes alcohol increasing the chances of drunk drivers behind the wheel. But that doesn't mean there aren't options to  have fun and still get home safely. 

"If you're thinking about it at all drinking and driving, don't do it. There are many options besides a designated driver. You may think a designated driver is okay but sometimes you don't know if they are," William said. 

You could also take a taxi or even an Uber. That's where William comes in. He's been an Uber driver for three months. He says the company is expecting more business tonight than ever before. 

"He said, I would much rather use you guys than to risk even just getting stopped," he added. 

With Uber, everything is done through the company's app. From requesting a ride all the way down to payment and while William says there may be a surge period this New Year's Eve, it's a lot cheaper than a DUI. 

As for Halstead and her group, they're staying at a hotel downtown and left the car keys in the room. 

"We're walking. No driving because you don't drink and drive," she said. 

For more information about Uber, click HERE

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