UPDATE: Dalton Police Department has charged Catarina C. Moran, 21, with second degree murder in connection with the death of her 17 month old daughter.

Police say the 17-month old girl became sick sometime last week and her mother failed to care for her properly.

The toddler died sometime in her sleep Wednesday night.

"Our officers tried to do CPR on the child and paramedics also tried to save the child but by the time they got there it was pretty apparent that the child had been dead for a couple of hours," said Bruce Frazier, Public Relations Specialist with the Dalton Police Department.

Moran told investigators the child had become ill on Wednesday, but based on their investigation, police believe the child had been sick for at least a week, with a severely high fever.

"The mother did take the child to the hospital on Monday and was told that the child needed treatment, but the mother left before the child could be treated," Frazier said.

Police believe this 17-month old girl was her only child.

It is not clear why Moran neglected to get treatment for her child, but based on recent changes to Georgia state law, intent is not required in the charge of second degree murder.

"Obviously we don't believe that the mother intended for the child to die we don't have any reason to believe that," Frazier said, "But the mother failed to get the child the care that the child needed."

The child's body has been sent to the state crime lab for an autopsy. At this time the cause of death has not been determined. This case is still being investigated. 

Catarina Moran is also charged with cruelty to children in the first degree, identity fraud, and making false statements to law enforcement officers.