A letter which landed in the hands of one postal worker provided for a very special Christmas. A family's prayers were answered after a postal worker decided to help play Santa. A little girl wrote to Jesus asking not to forget her this Christmas.

The Wallace family was preparing their daughter for a Christmas with no presents under the tree. A hard situation for mom and dad until one man turned this holiday into a Christmas miracle. Six year old Gabby sits on her living room floor playing with new toys, a delivery from a very special Santa.

“She was crying that morning. She was like Jesus forgot me, I am not going to get anything,” said Gabby’s mother, Jenchele Wallace.

Facing financial troubles the Wallace family's plan was to skip Christmas this year. Gabby took it on herself to write a letter to Jesus with a simple Christmas wish.

“She came in and said I want to make a Christmas list. So she wrote down, Dear Jesus thank you for what I already have and she made this list.”

She and her mom mailed that letter. A few days later a note appeared on their door from an unexpected person.

“He answered my prayers. She was really, really happy. So this year she got her gifts and I got a greater gift, watching her faith made my faith grow stronger.”

Ramon, a postal worker, said the letter was addressed incorrectly. He opened it up to see where to mail it to. That is when he realized it was a faith letter.

“Something sweet and kind. Something we should do for a little girl who was just believing in faith that something would come her way,” said Roman Paris.

On Christmas Eve the Paris family delivered toys to the Wallace house making for a Christmas neither families will ever forget.

“I made a family event out of it. My seven year old daughter picked out the things and help wrap the gifts. My son helped write the letter that went to the little girl. We collectively as a family delivered it.”

“It was totally awesome. It was awesome. To sit there and watch her open her gifts, we were so happy. Her dad was relieved. The lord blessed her to have a Christmas,” said Wallace.

The families say they did not know each other before the letter was written. Gabby is learning the importance of giving back to others. The Paris family plans to make events like this a tradition in their household.