NASHVILLE  (AP) - The Tennessee attorney general is accusing Chevron of a 30-year-long scheme to fraudulently siphon more than $18 million from a cleanup fund that people contribute to every time they fill up at the pump.

According to The Tennessean ( ), the lawsuit filed in Davidson County Chancery Court says Chevron and its subsidiaries, including Texaco, used taxpayer funds to pay for leaks and spills at more than 100 Tennessee gas stations, despite having private insurance that paid for the cleanup costs.

Money from the four-tenths of a cent per gallon tax is intended as a last-resort fund for owners who cannot afford spill cleanup costs.

The company is seeking to dismiss the lawsuit, saying in some instances Chevron sought state funds to make up the difference in their costs after receiving insurance payouts.

Information from: The Tennessean,

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