Residents in Catoosa County are being asked to conserve water after pumps at the Catoosa Utility District Authority were forced to shut down for five days last week.

All of the recent rain is responsible for the low water supply and shutting off the water pumps.

Now, they company is asking all customers to conserve water --- so the county doesn't run out.

"The pumps were first turned off on Wednesday of this week and we got them up and running yesterday, Sunday," said Randall Crawford, Vice-Chairman of the Catoosa Utility District Authority.

The Catoosa Utility District brings water to about 20,000 homes in the North Georgia county.

That water comes from a local spring, which is now flooded, forcing the utility company to shut down its pumps to avoid contaminated water.

"When that run-off can not flow then we have to stop pumping so we don't take the chance of getting bad water into the system," Crawford said.

The company is now asking customers to conserve water to avoid a wide-spread shortage.

"We just ask everybody at this point just to kind of go about your regular routine, but just be mindful," Crawford said.

The water pumps are now back on, working to fill up the county's water tanks before more heavy rain causes more flooding.
If the water supply gets too low  people living near Yates Springs could be without water.

"It could be difficulty to get water to the south end of the county down where the springs actually is," Crawford said.

People are asked to conserve water for the next few days, or longer, it all depends on how much it rains, and if the water pumps need to be turned off again.
The North Georgia Health District tells people not to drink water from flooded wells or springs.
At this point, all well water and spring water is considered contaminated by the flooding, and needs to be disinfected before drinking.

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