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Several homes damaged in flash flood

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As more rain falls,  a lot of folks will end up with standing water inside their homes. It has been happening all over the area since Christmas. 

Several feet of water in your home is not only dangerous, it can cost you thousands of dollars. Becky Goff is one of hundreds cleaning up several feet of water in her basement.

"It's full of water... it's completely full of water," said Goff. 

She showed us the creek that's over flowing behind her house. The water is down but it won't take much rain to bring it right back. 

"It scares me, I just want to go and get away from here," said Goff. " I don't want to be trapped here and something happen, that's my worst fear."

She remembers having to be rescued with her 4 children in the past. 
The whole house was surrounded and the fire department came down here and rescued us," said Goff. " It got up in the house."

Now they watch the water's edge, very carefully.

 "It scares me so much to be here even when the water is coming up," said Goff.

Crews have been working around the clock to restore flooded homes.

"We're fairly numb," said Mark Leen, Director of Business Development at Servpro Chattanooga. "Everyone of us, it's all hands on right now...Christmas day on."

Mark Leen tells Channel 3, the flood damage is widespread and severe.

"Thousands of people have been effected, there were hundreds of homes and businesses," said Leen. 

He says it could cost you more in the long run, if you don't call a professional.

 "Well you can get rid of the water but what you don't realize is the sheet rock has soaked up gallons of water and it might not be an issue right now but in the future, you're probably going to have mold."

If you see flood waters coming into your house, you should call for help immediately. As a precaution, fire officials say you should also shut off the power. A home almost caught fire after flood waters caused a short circuit, Sunday night. Experts say the cost of cleanup all depends on how much and low long the water sits in your house.

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