West Chickamauga Creek is having a hard time holding all the rain.

The creek released what it couldn't hold into this field, filling it up with about 8 feet of water. 

“It’s been a few years since we had an abundance of rain like this as one time,” said Jeff Long, Road Superintendent, Walker County.

Workers are concerned with more rain on the way the water could spill onto Red Belt Road. Thousands of drivers use it daily. 

“If we get very much more water because we all of the ground is saturated. So it is a concern if we got an abundance of more water that would be coming down,” said Long.

Walker County crews already had to shut down one lane of traffic Friday morning on a section of Ringgold Road due to the rain.

“Just putting sings up, blocking the roads there for high waters to keep people from crossing through the high waters,” said Long. 

Crews will closely monitor red belt and other roads throughout the county. 

“When it gets up to the road and actually starts crossing the road, then we will shut it down at that time,” said Long. 

As they work to keep you safe, they just ask you do one thing.

“And one thing is if you see a road and water is across the road, call it in. call 911,” said long.