UPDATE: According to East Ridge Police the "Christmas Nights of Lights" is open tonight. 

PREVIOUS STORY:   Camp Jordan is back open after being closed over the weekend for flooding. The "Christmas Nights of Lights" had to be canceled both Saturday and Sunday and officials are hoping to have it back open Monday until it ends January 2.  

"We told Titan Lights Show executives Ritchie and Dodd King two years ago that we experience the creeks overflowing in the park from time to time," East Ridge Parks and Recreation Director Stump Martin said. "But, we never anticipated it happening the day after Christmas."

The King family waded through the water over the weekend to work on the lights and were back Monday morning. Martin said the creeks crested at Camp Jordan Park around 3 a.m. Sunday and the water is now going down at a steady rate.

"Unfortunately, the waterways that help make Camp Jordan so beautiful, are the same ones that climb out of the banks and haunt us from time to time," Martin said. "Our city leaders and crews are well versed in getting things back to almost normal."

Martin says a decision will be made Monday afternoon on whether to reopen the 1.5-mile, drive thru show Monday night. It costs $6 a person (1 to 4 passengers) or $25 per vehicle (5 to 9 passengers) and kids 3 and under get in free.

PREVIOUS STORY: Flooding at Camp Jordan has caused "Christmas Nights of Lights" to be canceled another day. In a press release from Camp Jordan they will open at 8 a.m. on Monday.

East Ridge Parks and Recreation Director, Stump Martin, said it is imperative that the park gates remain closed today due to safety concerns. 

"Please stay out of the park and away from dangerous high water, " Martin said. 

According to Titan Light Shows executive Dodd King, The Christmas Nights of Lights 1.5-mile, drive-thru show is expected to open back up on Monday evening at dark and continue nightly until January 2.  

In addition, Camp Jordan Indoor Soccer games are expected to resume for the holiday break as scheduled on Monday. 

Mr. King and his family spent last night at the park. He said the creeks crested at Camp Jordan Park around 3 a.m. Sunday and the water is now going down at a steady rate.

PREVIOUS STORY: Christmas Night of Lights at Camp Jordan has been canceled on Saturday. 

An employee tells Channel 3 that flooding has called the cancellation, but could not say if they were going to be closed Sunday. 

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