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Cars submerged in flood waters; motorist collects belongings on side of the highway

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Multiple cars quickly became submerged trying to drive through flooded roads off I-24. A group of friends headed back home to Chicago after the holidays were surprised when their car stalled in high waters.

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Gabriel's luggage sits on the side of an exit ramp off Highway 24. He and his friends quickly waded through rising waters trying to rescue their suitcases and new Christmas gifts. “We are trying to get our belongings back from the car in the water,” said Gabriel Lio.

Record breaking rainfall on Friday caused flooding throughout the Tennessee Valley. This van full of guys thought they could weather the storm. “So much water, didn't think it’s so deep. We think we can drive through, but we can't.”

“Our car is floating, the water is up to here. My friends are screaming, rescue my computer, rescue my laptop,” said Paul Zi. A thought they quickly regretted. “Totally wet, cold water, raining, big winds. It was very cold.”

Emergency crews across the area are urging people to obey traffic signs and not drive their vehicles on flooded road ways. A lesson Gabriel and his friends learned the hard way. “When you drive and meet water like this stop your car or try and go back,” said Lio.

Exit 174 off Highway 24 is  just one of many roadways that is flooded and impassable areas across the city. 

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