Six local families suddenly have a brighter Christmas. That's because Chattanooga area volunteers are working to make sure -- no child is forgotten. The Santa Train made its way to several residences around town to deliver Christmas to needy families. Santa, accompanied by volunteers and a police escort, handed out the gifts to the children.

'Twas the night before Christmas, when the cop cars and fire trucks first lined up, hoping to encourage families to keep their chins up. “Just the excitement on these kids eyes as they know somebody cares, that makes it worth it,” said Clay Ingle with The Forgotten Child Fund.

Volunteers say playing Santa elves isn't just for fun, it's purpose is to bring the community together as one. “When this community comes together like this, we are hard to stop. An accumulation of it all, it is good thing to do.”

Now volunteers, now first responders, now givers, now deliverers - go door to door with gifts for a good cause, it makes the entire city a real life Santa Claus. “A yard full, I was not expecting this. They are excited they got this much attention. Not expecting it, amazing, awesome,” said Amanda Crowder, the aunt of three who received toys from the Santa Train.

“Making sure these kids, for once, in their life with get a Christmas like nobody will ever get. They get bikes, a huge amount of toys. They know this Christmas they are someone special, that is what is important,” said Ingle.

Chattanooga's neediest families received boxes of toys, meaning smiling kids' faces as they opened those big boxes of joys.

“When they heard the sirens they thought they were coming to pick them up. I was like no its a good thing this time. Super excited. Can't believe it,” said Crowder.

Deliveries began 5:30 Christmas Eve night, and just hours later all of the toys out of sight- proof even 51-years later, The Forgotten Child Fund is still a Christmas miracle creator.

“This is what it boils down to. We provided Christmas to over 9,500 children so far.”