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Waffle House waitress gets surprise tip: $500

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It's the time of the year when giving is more important than getting. In Chattanooga, one family took that to heart.    

A waitress got the surprise of her lifetime Wednesday night, when she received a large tip from her shift at Waffle House on 23rd Street in Chattanooga. 
A 500-dollar tip to be exact. 

This time of year it's not just regulars at the Waffle House on East 23rd Street. Travelers come and go. 

Cynthia Canion has worked at the restaurant for the past six months. After seeing the unusual tip, she was sure it was a mistake.

"I looked out to see if I could catch them and they were already gone," she said. "My co-workers assured me it was no mistake."

She has no clue of who they were or where they were headed, but hopes to somehow thank them publicly. She says she can now buy her grandchildren Christmas gifts.

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