Each year, rescue teams in Hamilton county respond to hundreds of cliff and cave rescues a year.
What many people might not know about the live-saving cliff rescue teams? They are all volunteers, who get no compensation, and use equipment entirely paid for by donations.

Many of you may have received this pamphlet in the mail, with a very simple message.
Chief Bob Lewis says, in order to keep saving lives, they need your help.

"Everything we do is 100 percent donor bases to provide our service," Lewis said, "And its really our primary funding piece that helps us survive during the year."

Volunteers across Hamilton county perform hundreds of rescues each year, and the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Rescue Service is there for rehab and technical support during those difficult times.

Donations given in response to the fliers are the rescue team's biggest source of income.
They hope each year to collect about $60,000 to pay for equipment and maintenance.
All of the volunteers -- they work for free.

"We have to do searches sometimes, we'll take medical gear with us," Lewis said, "We have members who are medically trained, from physicians, nurses, paramedics and things like that."

During most rescues, there are nearly 100 volunteers working to bring the fallen to safety.
Chief Lewis says he knows every summer and fall people will be exploring the trails and each year, his team of volunteers will be ready to help.

Rescue services are free of charge for those who use the service.
If you haven't received a pamphlet in the mail but still want to make a donation, click here.