UPDATE: Three people were injured when a driver crashed her jeep into a FedEx store on Gunbarrel Road.  Charges are pending in the crash that also shut down a popular shipping center just days before Christmas.

It’s still not clear what caused the 60-year-old to lose control and crash into the building. As police investigate, the business remains closed, leaving those showing up for services in a pinch.

Shattered glass lies on the sidewalk in front of the FedEx Print and Ship Center on Gunbarrel Road. Wednesday afternoon a driver backed her Jeep out of a parking space crashing into the glass storefront.

“She was trying to back out and I guess she got frustrated and punched the gas and spun all the way around and came right in the store,” said Charles Spillman.

The Jeep hit two people inside seriously injuring them. A 43-year-old woman and 62-year-old man were both taken to a local hospital. A third person was also treated for minor injuries. The crash also forced the business to shut down.

“The structure is okay, just the store front metal and glass that got knocked out. We have it secured for them.” Customers battled the holiday traffic to make last minute deliveries, only to find the store closed. An inconvenience they say comes at the worse possible timing.

“Last minute, typical, But I just can't get in. Got to go to Brainerd Road to send everything off now,” said Mark Benson.

“You want to send this stuff, you came in all around the traffic, to find out this is closed and have to go somewhere else,” said Mike Osman.

A FedEx spokesperson says no packages inside the store were damaged. Employees worked quickly to remove them and keep deliveries on time. But for those showing up last minute, making a Christmas deadline may now take a Christmas miracle. “This is going to take time to go there, spend my time like that. I have to do it right now.”

Charges against the driver are pending. Police are asking anyone who witnessed the crash to call them at (423-698-2525). A FedEx spokesperson says it’s not clear when the center will reopen. The company is encouraging customers to use its Brainerd location. 

UPDATE: A woman in a Jeep ran about 20 feet into the Fedex storefront on Gunbarrel Road Wednesday, causing serious injury to two of the store's patrons.

Chattanooga Police spokesman Kyle Miller says Cynthia Farnum and Gary Callahan were seriously injured when the driver, Deborah Cantrell, crashed through the storefront.

Miller says Farnum was pulled from beneath the Jeep by bystanders, while Callahan was hit by the front bumper.

Both Farnum and Callahan were taken to a local hospital for serious injuries that are believed to be non life-threatening.

The Chattanooga Fire Department contacted building inspectors to check the stability of the building.

Packages in the store were quickly gathered up, assessed and re-routed for shipment with the Christmas holiday just two days away.

A third person, Shaun Simon, received minor injuries in the crash.

Police have not said what caused Cantrell to drive through the store.

Miller says charges are pending further investigation.

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