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Chattanooga State holds active shooter drill

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Now, more than ever, there's a heightened sense of awareness involving active shooters on school campuses.

That's why Chattanooga State is among several colleges and universities participating in staged drills designed to help faculty and staff know how to respond.

In recent months, Chattanooga State has been put to the test twice: first in July when the campus was locked down during the shootings at the nearby Naval Reserve Center, and again in November when reports of shots fired turned out to be that of a duck hunter.

Those incidents, combined with school scares from around the nation, prompted the school's police department to stage an active shooting training session. Police Chief Curtis Green said, "Due to the recent threats, we need to be ready in case it happens here on campus."

The sessions are designed to help faculty and staff reduce themselves as potential targets.  The holidays proved to be a good time to engage officers and school staffers in some timely safety practices.  They were ready and willing, according to Chief Green.

This simulation created no actual threat,  but helps everyone involved develop the muscle memory needed in case a rapid response is needed, on campus or off. 

Both instructors from the Chattanooga State Police Department are Certified Active Shooter Instructors from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, with more than 20 years of law enforcement experience.

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