The United Auto Workers local union chapter has filed charges against Volkswagen with the National Labor Relations Board.

The UAW says that the German automaker is violating the National Labor Relations Act and refusing to enter into a collective bargaining with the skilled trades employees at the Chattanooga facility, according to a news release.

"The NLRB determined that Volkswagen's skilled-trades employees constitute an appropriate collective bargaining unit, then supervised a fair election, and then promptly certified the results,' said Gary Casteel, Secretary-Treasurer of the UAW and director of the union’s Transnational Department.

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Casteel continued, saying "Volkswagen a respected global brand. Instead, Volkswagen has refused to come to the bargaining table in violation of federal law. By refusing to engage in collective bargaining after a successful election, Volkswagen is not only doing a disservice to its employees but now is thumbing its nose at the federal government as well."

Channel 3 has reached out to Volkswagen for comment on this story.