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Water main break causes Gunbarrel Rd. businesses to close early

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A few businesses on Gunbarrel Road were forced to close earlier than expected Monday evening after a water main break. Water is temporarily cut off to certain places on the busy road. Some businesses are left with weak water pressure while others have no water at all.

The 12 inch break is causing an inconvenience for many as the Christmas crunch approaches. Crews with Tennessee American Water waited till 10pm to start fixing the leak hoping to interrupt as few businesses as possible. For Smokey Bones Bar and Grill last call was at 9:30.

A water main break is to blame for a delay in traffic on Gunbarrel Road. Crews from Tennessee American Water prep to dig up a section of the 22-hundred block of the busy street.

“We want the least minimal impact of the traffic flow this time of year especially. We are very sensitive about that and to the businesses,” said Tennessee American Water spokesperson Daphne Kirksey.

Parts of the road are blocked off to drivers as crews inspect the area. But drivers aren't the only ones affected by the construction.

“We are trying to figure out the water situation, the kitchen, we got it handled and figured out for now,” said service manager Will Hagaman at Smokey Bones Bar and Grill.

Managers at Smokey Bones Bar and Grill are being forced to shut down the restaurant four hours early due to the break.

“We want to stay open as long as we possibly can. We are a business every business likes to have revenue.”

Knowing how busy this time of year is for shops and restaurants the water company wants to make the least amount of problems as possible.

“We are doing it at 10:00 to have the most minimal impact so we think most businesses will be closed by that point,” said Kirksey.

The restaurant decided to shut down for health and safety reasons because the lack of water is something they aren't willing to risk.

“Safety for the customers, the guest, and water is a critical part in what we do,” said Hagaman.

Tennessee American Water said they aren't sure what caused the break but hope to learn while making the repairs. They hope to have the problem fixed by Tuesday morning. Smokey Bones plans to be open at 11am.

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