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Afghanistan Attack: 6 NATO Troops Killed Near Bagram Airbase

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A suicide bomber drove a motorcycle into a joint convoy of U.S., NATO and Afghan forces on Monday, blowing himself up and killing six Americans, a brutal sign of deteriorating security in a region where Western troops are trying to help local troops overtake the Taliban.

The Taliban posted a message on Twitter claiming responsibility for the attack, which officials said targeted a routing security patrol outside Bagram Airfield north of Kabul around 1:30 p.m. local time.

Another two Americans and an interpreter were injured, U.S. officials said.

Monday's attack came days after the Pentagon reported that efforts to train and conduct counter-terrorism operations with Afghan forces had grown tougher, with insurgent attacks and casualties on the rise.

An attack near Bagram Airfield in September killed one NATO service member.Two Americans died in an August ambush on a checkpoint near Camp Antonik in Helmand province.

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