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This past month was a slower one as far as obligations for FLW Pro Jacob Wheeler, but it was still a busy one.  Whether he was spending time in the tree stand, going to the Gene Larew/Rat-L-Trap writer’s conference or doing some crappie fishing, there was always something to stay busy with. 

Currently, Jacob is on his way to California with his good friend Matt Arey to meet with Okuma and work on some rod development.  Jacob says, "I’m excited to spend some time out in California since I have never been there.  It obviously has some great fishing which would be great to sample, but I want to take in the sights too.  I’m going to try to get to Hollywood and do all the tourist stuff you should do in California."

In November, Jacob spent a lot of days in the tree stand waiting for the right buck to walk across his  path.  He saw one that was worth shooting and waited for it to mess up, but it took off after a doe and he never got a clean shot.  After spending plenty of time in the tree stand it was ready to get some time in on the water.

For Gene Larew, Jacob traveled out to Oklahoma for a writer’s conference which was a joint effort with Rat-L-Trap.  Jacob said, "It was good to catch up with everyone and hear stories from guys like the legendary Tommy Biffle who was itching to get to the woods in Illinois with the rut going on.  The fishing was tough at Fort Gibson and Lake Tenkiller, but it was a good time.  I got to put my new Punch Out Craw to the test and put a lot of fish in the boat with it." 

Originally, he designed the Punch Out Craw with Florida and the punching technique in mind.  However, he wanted to make the bait as versatile as possible and all it to be fished with a variety of different techniques.  It proved to be equally effective in everyday flipping situations; texas rigged or used as a jig trailer.

When Jacob made it home from Oklahoma a lot of his focus went to chasing crappie.  This time of year, it is one of his favorite things to do.  As he talked about last month, crappie fishing is a great way to learn how to fish with your electronics. "I did a periscope last week about my set up for crappie fishing and some tips on utilizing electronics to get the most out of your fishing trip.  This is something that helps me stay sharp as well as dial in to my electronics for those Tennessee River events later in the season each year,"says Jacob.      

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