The days are numbered, Christmas is less than a week away. Tennessee Valley shoppers came out for the final shopping weekend leading up to the holiday packing the region's signature mall to squeeze in some last-minute shopping. It is a bit of a retail rush as shoppers are running out of time to score the perfect gift for loved ones.

The weekend before Christmas is typically one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. According to The National Retail Federation an estimated 226 million holiday shoppers still have things to buy.

From stocking stuffers to major presents-- holiday shoppers have plenty of items to check off their lists.

“My mom!”

“I'm shopping for clothes for my boyfriend.”

“I am trying to get some of the family last minute stuff. Thought I would get out here Sunday morning try and beat the afternoon crowd.”

“Stuff for my mom-- I always wait last minute.”

Throughout the nation holiday shoppers are facing procrastination.

“I live out of town. So I am just coming in for a couple days and getting last minute shopping done.”

“It just came up too quick!”

“Just busy! Everything you got to do to fit in the holidays and everyday life. It is tough making that last minute run.”

When it comes to last minute shopping, shoppers are braving the crowds to buy in person; hoping to be able to enjoy the week at home and not at the busy malls.

“This is it. This is it. No more, no more spending. I got to cut it off somewhere.”

“Hey as long as you get it by the day of. That is all that really matters, as long as it’s there when they open it you're good.”

The Hamilton Place Mall will remain open until 10 Sunday night and re-open at 9am Monday for extended holiday hours.