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Millennials spend their day changing Chattanooga

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Dozens of young adults in Chattanooga are being a light.

“It says that we are giving, that we are willing to help. Chattanooga has been known for that, we do a lot of things for the homeless,” said Jaxon McClure, organizer, Change Chatt.

Saturday, Millennials did it by handing out blankets, food, toiletries, and giving Chattanooga’s who are less fortunate a fresh haircut.

There wasn't a shortage of blankets Saturday; every person who came to Saturday’s event had essential needs met.

“We have unlimited. We have an amazing amount of clothes,” said McClure.

Organizers say though their up is meeting needs by making sure Chattanooga’s homeless aren't forgotten this Christmas, they say it's about more than the items distributed.   

“I think time is more important than anything I can ever give them. I can give them a shirt and they will never remember my name, but if I have a 30 minute conversation with them about their life I think that is what's most important,” said McClure.

A sentiment Earl Spicer appreciates. 

“A lot of times our physical needs are addressed but our social and spiritual needs are not and this is an awesome group of people,” said Spicer. 

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