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Smoke Alarm Installed on Friday, Saves Lives Saturday

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UPDATE:  Fire officials say a recently-installed smoke alarm saved a few lives this weekend. Chattanooga firefighters responded to a home on 7th avenue Saturday and when they got there heavy smoke could be seen coming from the home.

Everyone got out okay, including  the homeowner's three dogs. Just the day before our camera was rolling as firefighters installed smoke detectors in the East Lake neighborhood. The homeowner says it was the alarm from one of those smoke detectors that woke him up. 

" It's unfortunate the fire took place in the first place but i do feel a great sense of accomplishment that we were there and we more or less prevented more lives lost or any lives lost for that matter," said Asst. Fire Marshall William Jackson, Chattanooga Fire Dept. 

Assistant Fire Marshall William Jackson says the smoke detectors installed by his team on Friday, are directly responsible for saving the family that lives on 7th avenue.

"We coordinated with Red Cross and went out door to door with our knock and walk program and we distributed smoke detectors to people who allowed us in," said Jackson. 

The man living there let them in, the alarm woke him up the next day. There were smoke and flames shooting out of his electrical socket in the living room. 
"It's good to know that the alarm did potentially save his life," said Jackson.

Fire officials say the new smoke detectors gave the homeowner  just enough time to act fast, he was able to get everyone out safely
"Per Natural Fire Protection Agency, 3 out of 5 deaths result from homes that have fires with no or  non-working smoke detectors," said Jackson. 

Firefighters on scene  rescued 3 dogs, there was an estimated $15,000 dollar loss but  everyone is okay.
"We're working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week prepared to provide life safety and public safety at all times," said Jackson. 

The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. If you do not have a working smoke alarm, you can contact your local fire department. Chattanooga Fire Department will install them for free. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga firefighters responded to 7th Avenue on a reported residential structure fire. It happened Saturday around 5:00 p.m. 

Officials say when they arrived  heavy smoke could be seen coming from the home and the owner had already evacuated the structure and was not injured in the front yard of the residence. Three dogs we still inside the house.  All three dogs were removed and uninjured.  

According to a release all power was shutoff to the residence. The homeowner said  that he was asleep in his bedroom when an activated smoke detector awoke him to the smoke and fire in the living room. He stated that the electrical outlet was sparking, and the wall and drapes were involved in fire. 

He then left the structure and dialed 911. The smoke detectors that alerted him to the fire in the living room were actually installed the Friday by Chattanooga Fire Department personnel conducting a smoke alarm distribution event in the East Lake neighborhood

The loss from the fire is estimated at $15,000.

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