A statement shared with Channel 3's David Carroll by Lorri Wyatt, widow of U.S.M.C. Staff Sgt. David Wyatt, explains her feelings on the news that her husband, and the other four U.S. servicemen killed in the July 16 attacks, will be awarded Purple Hearts. 

Yesterday, when I heard the FBI was going to announce the July 16th was an act of terrorism. I was not surprised, relieved, happy, or excited. Afterwards, when it was confirmed that David was going to be awarded the Purple Heart- I broke down.

I wasn’t surprised, because we all, already knew it was what it was. There was no doubt, in my mind, or in any mind of those that are close to this situation. I remember, saying okay… okay, just listening, wondering what now? What will happen now? I wasn’t relieved, because the man I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with, and help raise my children is still gone. He will not be here to see these children grow, graduate high school or college, get married, or see their babies… He is gone. And knowing that, gives me no relief.

I wasn’t happy or excited, because this terrorist attack tore my family apart. His mother, his father, siblings, aunts, uncles his friends and brothers through life, the Marine Corps, no longer have this man apart of their lives. They have lost him as well. I am glad that it was officially stated, finally after five months, that this was a terrorist attack, which we have known since that day. Not because of the relief I would get, but to see what happens now.  

What are they (the Government, the FBI, and the President) going to do to ensure everyone’s safety, that nobody has died in vain, and that more do not have to die?  We need to ensure more children aren’t affected by the loss of a parent, friends and families don't suffer more loss of amazing people. What are they going to do? When I heard he was receiving the purple heart, I completely crumbled. I am glad he is being given this award, for the bravery that he showed that horrific day. I broke down, knowing, he wasn’t going to be able to see it, this wasn’t going to be presented to David, because he is no longer with us.

It will be presented to his family. And that breaks my heart, knowing he won’t be able to receive this amazing honor. Not that the medal would be important to him. What was always important to him was taking care of his family and his fellow Marines. My children will see that their father died a hero, but they already knew he was a hero, from the moment they met him. Please don’t misunderstand, I feel this a step in the right direction. They are calling it what it was, five months later, but still calling it what it was. My husband along with 4 other Marines, and Sailor, earned this. Their families deserve this for their sacrifices. The world deserves to know that this was an attack on the U.S. soil directed at our military. Now, we need to find out what they are going to do about it!!