The three hour standoff snarled traffic along Lee Highway in Ooltewah just as school was getting out Wednesday afternoon. 

It started when a man barricaded himself inside a room at Super 8. 

Jerome Patrick works with the 37-year-old and said the construction team traveled here from Greenville, South Carolina for a job at the Little Debbie Plant. He says the man stayed back this morning after not feeling well. 

"They wanted to cancel out that room, but he wasn't feeling very well and he had the lock on the door, and then when they called the cops, he got afraid and that's when he barricaded himself in the room," he said. 

Police cars and officers dressed in tactical wear swarmed the area as Patrick and the man's father pleaded with him to come out on his own. 

"Josh, you know when I leave the door, they're going to come and get out," Patrick said, "He wanted me to come into the room, but they wouldn't let me go inside."

"After our negotiators negotiated for quite some time, it became apparent that due to his condition he was not going to come out," Chattanooga Police Department Assistant Chief Eric Tucker said. 

That's when SWAT members forced their way inside, taking the man into custody and bringing the spectacle to a close. 

The man's father didn't want to go on camera, but said he hopes hospital staff will be able to help his son. 

"He was just afraid," Patrick said. 

It's back to work tomorrow for Patrick and the rest of the crew, where they're  hoping for a more normal work day. 

The man was taken to the hospital to be checked out. Police say he will likely be charged for vandalizing the motel room. 

Chattanooga police and SWAT team members were called to the Super 8 Motel in Ooltewah.

The incident was reported as an EMS call for help around 1:30 p.m.

A spokesperson says the call turned into a disorderly conduct call when a man barricaded himself in a room.

Our crew on the scene says SWAT negotiators talked to the man, even using his friends and coworkers in hopes of convincing him to come out of his room.

Police say the man is now in custody.

Lee Highway and Exit 11 have reopened.

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