Deputes in Marion County are fed up after hundreds of tires were dumped along Highway 41. It's not the first time it's happened. Tire dumping is not only illegal, it's considered a safety hazard. 

Channel 3 lost count of the tires tossed along Highway 41 on our drive into Jasper Tuesday, there were hundreds. The sheriff's office say the problem is out of control.
You can see tires for miles on Highway 41, now the Sheriff's office is asking for your help to put a stop to the problem. Deputies say tires thrown are being thrown in the grass, up against the guard rail, in the river and in the road. 
"It's sickening to know somebody would do that," said Det. Matt Blansett, Marion County Sheriff's Office. "Especially along the river."

Detective Matt Blansett tells Channel 3, the dumping problem is only getting worse. 
"Last week I counted the tires on Hwy 41 in Marion County and I counted 173 tires," said Det. Blansett. "Just on that road alone."

It doesn't do any good to remove them. Once the tires are removed, it's only a few weeks before hundreds more show up again. 

"You know it's like we are the dumping ground," said resident Jeanette Sullivan. "I hope you get caught."

Channel 3 witnessed a second T-dot truck-load hauling them away, Tuesday. They're always out here, residents are too.
"We feel absolutely bad about it to begin with and there ain't nothing we can do about it," said Sullivan. 

Drivers often swerve, call and complain.
"Everybody comes in here complaining," said Sullivan. "We can't say what they say on TV because they get ugly about all of it being up and down the road."

Authorities say whoever is responsible is dumps the tires at night. Deputies spend 20+ hours a week lying in wait to catch them red handed. 

" You will get caught eventually , it may take us a few weeks but we will catch you," said Det. Blansett. 

 Investigators believe a tire company trying to avoid disposal fees is responsible. 
"We believe a tire center is charging the customer the fee and then saving themselves the money by dumping them on the side of the road," said Det. Blansett. 

Detectives hope to catch these guys, before it's too late. 

"One of our biggest fears is that a family or even someone just driving down the road will wreck and get hurt because of the tires being in the roadway," said Det. Blansett. 

There is a $500 dollar reward for any information leading to an arrest.  Deputies want you to keep an eye out, if you see anything that can help investigators, call the Marion County Sheriff's office at (423) 942-5667. All tips are anonymous.