The halls of Lookout Mountain Elementary School look a little different. Men in uniform walk through the halls armed with guns and bullet proof vests. The Lookout Mountain Police Department filled the school for an active shooter practice.   

"We work closely with the teachers and the principals at the school and work closely with the church. We have several churches and several schools in the area. We take it upon ourselves to train on Saturdays and Sundays in the case something like this would happen," said Patrolman, Todd Floyd. 

Floyd says these drills are critical because they give the agency a chance to run through a violent situation as a team. 

"Today it is not as safe as it was 10 years ago. So it makes me feel a lot better that they have a plan and everything. We know what is going to happen,"7th grader, Blake Hopper, he says this type of training comforts him. 

In case of a real event like this at the school, Gus Hopper, Blake's father,  believes these drills are vital. "Get the kids to safety, get the teachers to safety. Trained individuals that know what they are doing. I feel better as a parent if something like that happened."

The drills are aimed to help everyone come together to know how to team up in an emergency situation.

"Parents, teachers, are all working together. Especially with the recent events, this is pretty critical. There is not one person not on board with these trainings," said Gus Hopper. 

The Lookout Mountain Police Department has been practicing these types of training since before the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012.